Taichung, Oct.30th: Students occupy Public Hearing to Resist Fee Hike

Taichung, Oct.30th:
Students Occupy Public Hearing
to Resist Hike in Tuition Fees

Students occupied a public hearing in central Taiwan organised by the National Academy for Educational Research (NAER). They protested a draft published by NAER suggesting increases in tuition fees: 5-10% for public universities and 5% for private universities. Activists on the ground announced to continue with protests and also occupy the next public hearings in Northern and Southern Taiwan unless the government confirms not to increase fees!

The struggle against (increasing) tuition fees has been going on for the past few months. Already on March 26th protesters gathered in front of the Ministry of Education in Taipei. [report: ism-global.net]
Activists also rallied at the National Taiwan Normal University for the Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education - Direct Democracy NOW! on October 18th. [report: ism-global.net]

pictures: flickr.com