‘Free’ is a term that has an attractive spark to it, enticing people into looking for the word that follows. Heading to the scr88 online games casinos, something that you receive for free is the comps. You don’t get to win all of it while you indulge in your favorite gamble; either more of the comps or the wins from a game. That is, indeed, a valid concept about gambling in a casino unless you have the skill to balance your game while you go picking for comps. Anyone who visits casinos regularly will have an idea of how the interiors are and what the etiquettes are to deal with each situation.

When it comes to leveraging the complementary that the casino offers, you need to wear your attitude and play the game with panache. Getting comps used to be a cinch in the past, but it has changed over the years to be a challenging task. This situation has arisen due to the availability of information for the casinos to track return on the comps they offer. As this practice has increased, people have found ways to get to comps easily. Here are a few tips to keep in mind which can help you get comps easily, regardless of what level of a player you are.


1. See if You are Getting Tracked

One important point that you need to keep in mind while gambling is to make sure if you are getting tracked or not. In the past, it was the dealers and pit bosses who kept track of how well you are betting and playing the game, which has changed for the better now. Since it is the cameras that keep a feed of what you play, there is a record for your game. But you cannot be sure if the casino is keeping track of it; so, make sure that the casinos do it. You need to have a player’s club account and card, which are free of cost and would also contain a sign-up bonus. Give the card to the pit boss each time you make a bet. This increases your chance of bagging comps since the casinos look through the total amount you pay for the gamble.

2. Don’t Hesitate to Ask

The next tip is to stop being hesitant towards asking for comps. You could always get some if you deserve it. Make sure to be friendly with the pit bosses and other staff during the gamble so that it is easier for you to get to the comps. Put in some strategies to ask for comps; don’t just enter the casino and pester the authorities by asking them for free food or stay. When you are looking for food, ask for the best restaurants in the area. By doing this and investing some good money on your gamble, you have higher chances to get free food.

3. Understanding the Tracking System of Comps

Keeping the first tip in mind, you also need to consider this point. To make sure you are getting tracked, you must also understand the working of the comps tracking system. Look for information regarding what all will get you the comps. Most casinos will offer pamphlets in which the paths to bagging rewards might be printed; read through it and organize your game accordingly.